Some reminders for Themed Post #1

Just to remind you that next week, you should be writing your first themed post. This assignment is basically an invitation to stretch your writing muscles and explore a topic (of your choosing, related to the subject of your blog) and to use some of the web-writing strategies we’ve been discussing in class.


Remember, the rules of good writing apply in a web context – only moreso. Varied and lively sentences with active verbs and well-chosen adjectives are what we’re looking for. For SEO purposes, make sure that your first paragraph clearly states what the post is about – but don’t obsess over SEO. I’m more interested in reading a piece of writing that “works”. Flow, voice, and of course the canniness of your observations are what matter here. 

Most of all,get drawn in to what you’re writing about – tell a story – and the reader will want to follow. 

While writing, please make sure, above all, that you remember to ask yourselves these questions: Why am I the one who is best able to write this? Who am I writing for? What makes my point of view unique?


Have a  great week! We’ll be workshopping these in class on Oct 28. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 


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